A tiny gesture goes a long way, Tiny Tags Review

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Sometimes we over-think what the ideal present for mom might be. It is within the tiny gestures in life, that you can come up with the greatest representations of love. That is why, I felt it was pertinent to show you a product that I recently fell in love with, because of what it represents to me.

Tiny Tags was created about six years ago by Melissa Clayton, owner and designer of Tiny Tags. The mission was to create a jewelry collection to celebrate the special little ones who are the love of our lives. These pieces of jewelry were created with the intention of an every day use, as they would remind us of that special someone we keep close to our heart.

In my opinion, the box is very elegantly presented in a dark brown box, to which the pink font and logo used, contrasts very nicely. The shipping box containing this box is stuffed with pink china paper, which protects the presentation box from moving around. It also includes a beautifully written note from the creator of Tiny Tags. The piece also included a small gray suede pouch to safely place your piece away.

Opening the presentation box was a treat in itself. It was a very exciting moment to see two very special names engraved in a beautiful piece of jewelry. I felt very special myself of wearing this piece which as their mantra, reminds me of all the love that those two names represent. I felt this piece matches any kind of outfit, and it may be a very lovely conversational piece as well, since we all enjoy talking about those people we hold so dearly in our lives.

In the overall, I enjoyed the packaging so much, that I am definitely keeping it to gently place away my piece whenever I am not wearing it. I loved this piece so much, that it totally makes sense for me to talk about this as a gift option with my friends and family. 

Mother's day was yesterday here in the United States, but it is Tomorrow in Mexico, and since many of my friends and family are Mexican, it will definitely be something worth mentioning. Now, consider that though it is a great mother's day gift idea, it is also a great gift for a mother-to-be. I get so excited when my friends are pregnant, and I used to have a really hard time trying to figure out what to gift them that was not necessarily “baby” related, meaning, something to honor all that love mommy is putting into creating life. All I have to say is that though I wished the chain would have been a little longer, this personalized item is, in my opinion, one of the best gifts one could ever give.

Want to know more about Tiny Tags? Go visit their website (http://www.tinytags.com/) to see the diverse pieces they create, the fonts you can choose, and the options of metals to create a unique piece for that special person you hold so dearly. You can also follow them through social media to be up-to-date with their latest sales and promos. This is a company that in my opinion, is very well worth keeping an eye on during special occasions. 

Disclosure: We were not compensated for writing this blog post. All opinions are 100% our own. We kindly encourage you to read other reviews in addition to ours so that you can make a better informed decision when looking into acquiring this product for yourself. Remember that what works for us and our family may not work for yours.

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