Just Happiling Weekly (07/08/2016)

11:03:00 AM

Hi friends, and welcome to another weekly update of what is happiling at our Just Happiling life. Though this week there is not a lot to share, compared to a few weeks ago, there have been some interesting things going on.

Something New

This week, I created some art to add into our Society6 product page. It is amazing how some of those items end up looking with our designs. We really enjoy making them so that we can bring some eye-candy joy into your life. 

The best part is--we have a promo code for all of you! This promo works by clicking on our link, and is exclusive to our Society6/justhappiling product page. You will get Free Shipping world wide, and 15% of on the Hydrangea Couture wall tapestry. Go check them out, who knows, you might like something to treat yourself, or as a gift to someone special, plus you would be helping us towards our goal of building an organic farm.

Promo expires July 10th, 2016 at midnight PST.

Our Garden

Though not much has changed in our little organic garden, we got to try both types of cucumbers that we are growing; the Chinese, and Japanese. Though both produce a lot of fruit, we ended up with the conclusion that in our garden, with the type of soil and weather conditions we have, we prefer the flavor of the Japanese cucumber over the other one. However, it is very exciting to know that both grew well this season, and that we are going to have a lot of cucumbers in our salads this summer!

The Chinese Cucumber is growing in our small front yard.

The Japanese Cucumber is growing in our balcony.

We also noticed that our Surinam Cherry finally started to bloom. This was an anniversary gift a few years ago, and we have been very patient waiting for some fruit. I have never tried it, so I can't wait for the fruit to be ready to pick. In the mean time, I am enjoying of the beautiful colors of the flowers.

There are also other plants growing very well in our balcony this season. We have some banana peppers that are already producing.


And we also have a volunteer Eggplant from last year. We did not reseed this plant for the season, and it just grew. Not only that, but it has been the highest producing eggplant we have ever had. Nature has it's ways right?

Something Fun

Today is Fri-yay! The most exciting day of the week, because you know you are getting ready to embark in some great adventures during the weekend. But did you know that today is also #CowAppreciationDay? On behalf of Just Happiling, Happy #CowAppreciationDay! Muuuchas Gracias, Vaquitas!

I guess that is it for the moment. Thank you so much for hanging out with us, and getting to know us a bit more. We would also like to know about you, and the things you like to do during the weekends. Leave us a comment below with your favorite weekend activity. We love watching movies, but we also work in our garden during the weekends. If you want to see what is going on in our garden on a normal basis, remember to follow us through Instagram @thelopezgarden

You can also check out some of the super amazing giveaways that we are helping promote at our giveaway page. There are so many opportunities to win this July, so go check it out and good luck!

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