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What has been happiling this week at Just Happiling? Join me in this blog post to find out.

Something fun

We took Monday off, and decided to visit La Jolla Cove, CA. Sometimes you don't need to go that far to enjoy of the beautiful places close to home. This has always been one of my favorite places, because you get to enjoy the endless blue horizon merging with the sky, and at the same time, be surprised with marine life. 

It gives me so much joy to take photographs and share what I see with my own eyes with my friends (all of you) and my family. I've always felt like we can travel all over the world through photography, and that is why I am so in love with the technology that allows us to do so and share it so easily.

It was in deed a very bright day. Very lovely, but we did get a sun burn at the couple of hours of being at La Jolla, CA. I am so bewitched by the sense of immensity the Pacific ocean makes me feel.

I really enjoy seeing the wild life that also enjoys the beauties of this place--okay, maybe they are taken mostly by the free food in the tide-pools, but that's my story and I am sticking to it.

Most of the time, you can find Sea Lions there, though recently they have been "banned" from the beach. Not that it really matters, because it is not "them" invading our beach, but us taking over their world. They don't know the difference, and they just come back. To be honest, I would rather just enjoy them, and go to another beach if I intend to swim. I wouldn't want to be swimming in waters that are known to have Sea Lions swimming in them. I have just one word--Sharks! Yup, Sea Lions are Shark's favorite source of food, so unless I want to be mistaken by one, I will keep on just watching them, enjoying them and yes, visiting a distant beach to swim in. 

One word of advice. If you are ever at the beach, and you come upon these huge majestic animals. Please leave them at peace and do not jump on for the selfie. These animals are wild and are dangerous. Don't get your little ones so close for the photo. It's not worth it. If you want  your little one to enjoy these animals up close, there are zoos for that. Out in the wild, it can get a little wild, and it would be very unfortunate for these animals to get killed for hurting us, when we are the careless ones. With that been said, do visit, and do take a lot of pictures (from afar, after all that is what the zooms are made for), and share them with the world.

Consider that I have a Nikon P600, with 60x zoom capabilities. I was very far from the scene of this picture, and yet, at a very safe distance, I was able to take nice photos. Look at all those tiny feet so close to the animal. It was surely frightening. 

Once the Sea Lion decided that it was better just to swim away, and find a more peaceful space to sunbathe, I focused my camera somewhere else as well. There are so many enchanting photos to be taken in such mesmerizing place.

I love to see pelicans flying by. Most of the time they fly in sets of 4 which makes a beautiful picture if you are fast enough to catch them in the act.

Being from the East Coast, you can definitely see the difference in colors from the ocean. Living in Mexico, our Holidays at the beach, painted a slightly greener tint in the waters. However, here in the Pacific, it's the most beautiful shades of dark blues.

It's almost like brought out from a fairytale story and into life. No wonder why many couples in love choose views like this to tie the knot.

After the beach, we also went to a church close by. There is something about churches that just makes you want to be taking pictures all over the place. It makes sense if you think about it. You can always find beautiful pieces of art created inside and out. The name of this church is Mary, Star of the Sea Catholic Church. 

Something new

This past weekend, we went to Costco to do some grocery shopping and bought some very delicious Certified Organic "Aussie Bites".

Have you tried them before? These are delicious bite size healthy snacks made out of; rolled oats, dried apricots, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, honey, coconut, quinoa, chia seeds + more. All organic ingredients, very yummy all together. This container has 32 pieces, and I highly recommend them. I am not a big fan of coconut flavoring in my sweet treats, but the taste is very subtle, therefore very pleasing to the palate. If you see them, oh please enjoy!

We got home rather late, and we were starving, as it was already too late for lunch. Lucky for us, we were at Sprout's Farmers Market, which is one of our favorite places to shop, and we bumped into their own Organic Lasagna trays.

We decided to give it a try. When you eat organic, it is really hard to find fast food for those moments when you don't have enough time to cook. We thought this would be a great opportunity to try something new. Being certified organic, gave us the confidence we needed to purchase this item, and it was also at a good price.

We chose the Spinach and Kale Lasagna over the meat one this one time, and mostly because when we make it ourselves, it is not the veggie version. I thought it was good, and my husband thought so too. However, we both thought that it was lacking a few more spices, probably in the tomato sauce. We like the very flavorful spectrum of spices for our tomato sauce, and in fact my husband mentioned that he prefers the A---- brand better. I guess worse comes the worse, we can always add the spices ourselves. Still, I liked it and it was good to have the veggie version for a change. I really missed it.

At our garden

Our pickling cucumbers were ready to harvest, and therefore ready to be pickled. My husband, loves doing these things so much. Not only is he a very gifted cook, for which I am very blessed, but he enjoys of learning how to make things from scratch. Bread, sauces, and in this case preserving our own food. I can't wait for them to be ready and try them.

While that was our adventure with the pickling cucumbers, our tomatoes are doing very well--at least most of the plants anyways. Though the big tomatoes have not been growing to their full potential yet, our cherry tomatoes are producing a lot. I get very excited every time I see hints of red in the greenery of our tiny garden. I knew I had to take some pictures right away before my husband decided to have a tomato tasting, leaving me with tiny gaps in the tomato vines, lol.

Do you grow any edible goodies in your garden? If so, what are you most proud of? We have been growing some of our own food for 4 years now. Every season is an adventure and a new learning experience. Look at the size of this Japanese Cucumber! Guess what I am having for lunch today, yummy. 

And that is it for this week! I do hope you join us through social media to see what is happiling at our blog and during our journey towards happiness. If you just want to follow what we are doing at our garden, visit @thelopezgarden on Instagram and follow us there. But do remember to follow Just Happiling to be up-to-date with goodies, offers, the latest reviews, and awesome giveaways. Talking about which, we are promoting some great giveaways at our site (LINK to GIVEAWAYS), and we'd love it if our followers won, so do not hesitate to enter for your chance. We will cross fingers for you! 

Until next time, have a delightful and adventurous weekend!

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