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What is happiling at Just Happiling this week? A few different things I would say, some of them interesting, some fun, and other--well, I will let you decide.

Meet Max! This 16-year-old kitty came to visit us and hanged out for three days, while his house was being fumigated. It was a great opportunity to see how our cats were to behave with a new cat around. I do have to say that it was touching, because Max's miows sounded just like our late Elliotte's. I don't know if our cats could tell at all, but Nalia, our youngest one, was definitely curious. I know, it's not even #caturday yet, but I couldn't help myself. Max was the reason why I wanted a Maine Coon before we adopted Elliotte. However, destiny placed our emotional bengal kitty our way for many wonderful reasons. You can see him in the photo below. Elliotte had this weird thing with gnomes. It was like if they were his friends, and he was always hanging out with the garden gnomes we have inside the house. He had a very interesting personality, I will tell you that!

Something New at the Kitchen

As you all know by now, we are on a 100% Non-GMO/Organic diet. Mainly for health reasons, and because we have actually noticed a drastic change with weight loss. It's incredible what your body does when it receives food that has been grown this way, or should I say; the old fashion way? So, we have been going to Costco, and we literally only look for the green labels, because those are the organic products they carry. It's interesting when we go, because we find new products all the time, and it feels less frustrating when you are able to buy things that the 'norm' population would buy and not feel guilty because it is still non-gmo or just plain organic.

This week we found these raviolies and oh boy where they good!

They come in two portions, which you can again divide as needed. Meaning, you can open and cook half of this pack, and freeze the rest for later use. I thought it was very practical, and we were very excited of being able to eat pasta without having to do it from scratch. Not that we don't like to make it from scratch, but sometimes, you just don't have the time, and it is good to have a yummy alternative.

My husband made an Alfredo sauce from scratch to go with the raviolis, and it was the perfect dinner after a whole day of shopping and being out. 

We highly recommend for you to try this pasta. If you see it at Costco, get it. It's about $10 bucks, almost as much as it would cost to go dine-out, or even less, but you would know that you are eating organic food, so that is a huge plus.

We also discovered a very delicious organic treat at Costco; Deavas' Organic Dark Chocolate Belgian Thins.These tasty pieces of chocolate were perfect, because their different uneven sizes made it ideal for when you just wanted a little taste, or for you were really craving chocolate. I loved how different a piece could taste from a previous one, and yet, keep a constant of flavor. This treat has Quinoa, Goji Berries, Almonds, Buckwheat, Sunflower seeds, Pumpkin seeds, Pepita seeds, salt, and is made with pure organic & Fairtrade Chocolate. All in all, I was very happy for two weeks, wink.

In the artistic realm

This week, I was oddly inspired. It went from my usual "nature" inspired art, to my parody inspired, love for movies and character personalities. I felt like drawing some characters, like in this case the fashionable Audrey Hepburn in one of her most iconic roles.

I liked it so much, that I digitized it, vectorized it, and even transformed it into awesome products you can now find at my Society6.com/justhappiling page. I get really excited to see my work in products. It just makes me feel like at some point, my art can reach someone's house, and give them some happiness.


And because many girls like pink, and yes, some boys too, I also made an alternate design, so that everyone can get the chance to get their favorite product.


How about that? I also created a mashup design with the concepts of Marilyn Monroe, and a Storm Trooper, which I liked so much, I was about t get myself a t-shirt. The problem is that unfortunately, there is a very, very, very fine line between parody and copyright infringement, and I really did not want to get sued, so though I will show you, consider it fan-art, as there are no products available with this design, and right now I am just sharing for fun, because I really liked it, I had fun making it, and I intend not to make a profit out of it. So with that being said, I hope you like it.

So what do you think? You like? I think it would make a very fun interesting Halloween costume. I've always thought that the people that are dressed up as storm troopers and are just out doing goofy stuff are awesome. They make me laugh and smile all the time. So if you are out there living the storm trooper life, thank you!!!

Something super rad and fun, probably the best thing this week so far, I finally cut my hair! Oh my gosh, does it literally feel like freedom. I guess I am lucky enough to have thick, healthy, straight hair. The problem is when it grows as quick as it does with me, and you end up with migraines, neck pain, and loads of anxiety and stress. I was pulling my own hair in my sleep, and pony tails were not an option. During most of my youth, my  hair was short anyways, so I just feel more like myself with short hair. Now I can feel the ideas flowing back in my brain, lol. I guess now it's just a matter of considering a color change as well, or if I should leave it my natural hair color for a bit longer. I used to do all crazy things with my hair, so, I might just surprise you.

And that is it for this week. Don't forget to follow along in social media, and our blog. We have a very fun surprise coming soon, very, very soon! (It's going to get a bit jungly in here, hint). Also, remember that we have giveaways that we are promoting, many of which have daily entries, so write a reminder and keep coming back every day for better odds of winning.

Tell your friends about our society6 page and follow us on Instagram both at The blog's account @justhappiling, and our society6 account @justhappiling.art. I feel like doing a giveaway soon, and if you love our art, you don't want to miss it!

Thank you for hanging out with us for a little bit today by reading our blog post. You are all fantastic, and we wish for you to have a very fun and adventurous weekend.


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