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Disclosure: I was compensated to write this blog post by the Mission Escondido Shopping Center, however, all opinions are 100% my own.

I few months ago, I was invited to visit the Mission Escondido Shopping center and check out all the businesses that provide service there. I have always believed in knowing what types of businesses are around my community, to be able to share that information with my friends, family, and whoever may benefit from it. 

There are several options to eat at the location, which is great to know. You can be adventurous and try some Mediterranean cuisine, Mexican food, and even Artisan pizza. However, restaurants are not the only type of businesses there. That is where this month got a little bit more exciting for me.

As many of you know, I have been re-branding my blog from; "The Happy Baby & Reviewers blog", to our new blogging home; "Just Happiling". When you are starting as a Social Media Influencer, it may take some time to find your Niche. During the process, you work on your business presence, meaning; website, social media, content, professional contacts, among other things. Nonetheless, in the world of  "electronic" everything, we have to remember that the physical presence is as important as the virtual one.

With this in mind, and after some planning, I decided to request services from Minuteman Press, which is also located at the Mission Escondido Shopping center.

Who and What:

Minuteman Press - Escondido, is a company that provides many products and services to help you personalize your business. From stationary and business cards, to menus and promotional products to get the word out and about your business (Click here for more products and services provided by Minuteman Press). Their mission is to provide the customer with the highest quality products and services, because they believe that if we succeed, they succeed as well. I don't know about you, but if a company tells me and shows me that it is in their best interest for you to be successful, then I am drawn to try their services and expect to be amazed with the end results.

I decided to order new business cards, since I was in the transitioning stages of my blog, and found out that the process of ordering them was very easy. Minuteman Press opens their office doors from Monday through Thursday from 9am - 5pm, and Friday from 9am - 3:30pm. You can walk into their office for assistance, or if you are very busy and can't stop by, they can also provide you with the services you require via their website.

I asked for a quote for my business cards, and got an answer within 24 hours. Since I am an artist, I wanted to create my own personalized design, but I had concerns about some of the colors, and I was also wondering if using my own design would make the order more expensive. The good thing is that I had a couple of different options to work with. If I got too busy, and wasn't able to create all the design work, Minuteman Press offers pre-established designs that you can choose from, and just fill in your information leading to a very attractive price for this service. However, once I got my quote back, I noticed that it wasn't that much of a difference if they used my own design.

Of course, it was a learning curve, because I had never designed business cards before. Nonetheless, the staff at Minuteman Press was very helpful with providing me with the right size and instructions to follow if I was to design my own business cards. They also made me aware that if I needed help with the design, they have a design team ready to assist their clients for an additional fee. I thought that was great to know, just in case things got a little too complicated for me. This information also comes in handy, because not everyone is a graphic designer, and it is better to leave this type of work to the experts.

My experience:

From beginning to end, the flow of navigating the website, and asking for a quote was very smooth. I had no issues finding what I needed, and the communications with the company were always very professional and beyond expectations. Their customer service was outstanding! From the moment I asked for a quote, and up until I got my product, I was very satisfied with the interaction. Throughout the design process, they were able to provide me with professional advice and to work with me, so that I would have not only the greatest of services, but also a good product in my hands.

Once my design was ready to go, it only took about 24 hours to be ready for pick-up or delivery. To me, that was super fast! Delivery was free, so upon payment, I received my business cards on the same day. Of course it helps that I only live 10 minutes away by car, however, I was going to be so busy, that I was not going to be able to pick them up myself. The delivery service was very practical for me, and I know that for other people who work through the same business hours, will find this information very useful too.

Overall, I had a great experience with Minuteman Press, and I am already eyeing other products that I might be interested in. I had nothing but high quality service, and I love that my new business cards look just like I designed them to look. If you live in Escondido, CA or in the neighboring cities, I would highly recommend you to look at the products and services Minuteman Press has to offer, and to keep them in mind if you are in need of quality products to reflect your quality business.

If you want to know more about Minuteman Press - Escondido, you can visit them at:
Physical Address: 205 W Mission Ave, Suite D, Escondido, CA 92025

Thank you for joining us once again in our Just Happiling community, and we hope to share other great businesses and products with you soon. Until then, don't forget to follow us through social media, to keep up-to-date with the latest #justhappiling news.


(Sponsored Blog Post, read the disclosure at the beginning of this post).

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