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Ever since I moved to California, a little over seven years ago, I noticed how rich this State was, both in cultural diversity and in culinary delicacies. I was fascinated by the idea of trying different flavors from different parts of the world without having to leave the Country, mostly because of the myriad of choices we had. From the first moment I was exposed to authentic Thai cuisine, I fell in love with it. Until this date, whenever I have the chance to expose someone to Thai food, I do so with a lot of enthusiasm. Not only because I like to see their mesmerized expression after their first bite, but also because I can't pass the opportunity to delight my palate as well.

I am blessed with a husband that is a great cook, and who loves making curries and noodle dishes. However, the reality is that sometimes there is not enough time to prepare or cook what is planned. Finding the right restaurant that provides you with the quality and the flavors to keep you happy and satisfied may become a challenge, unless you know the right place. The right place, was in deed where our savory venture took us this past weekend.

Located at 205 Mission Avenue, here in the City of Escondido California, there is a little place called PADTHAI Restaurant. It was our first time visiting this hidden gem in the North San Diego area. The restaurant is open from 11am to 9pm, every day of the week. Therefore, we chose to go for dinner and check it out.

We arrived at about 5:40pm, and as soon as you enter the place, the ambiance makes you feel like if you were somewhere else. Although the place is not very big, at the moment we sat on our table, it was about 30% full. We were greeted in a very kind manner. The staff that attended us, offered us something to drink as she handed us the menu. Up until that point, it was very much like the service you receive in any other good quality restaurant.

We looked at the menu, although we had arrived prepared. We had been looking at the menu from their website, so that we knew what we wanted before hand. Nonetheless, we still took a peek to see if there was anything different from the menu on-location. We asked for water, and it came in a jar with infused cucumber and citrus. I had never tried water infused that way, but it was quite a treat. We ordered, and as we waited, we were able to appreciate the decoration that suited the dinning area. To my surprise, even the restrooms were decorated with the restaurant's cultural theme. Twenty minutes after we ordered, the restaurant was full. There were people that were arriving to pick-up their orders, and others that were choosing their favorite table to sit in, getting ready to order. In a way, I felt we had arrived just with enough time to find a table of our own choosing.

Not long after, our order found it's way to our table, and it was truly a beautiful savory sight. I didn't realize how much food was coming our way until we had all of the dishes on the table. But then again, my family is used to ordering different dishes, and then sharing, so that we all get to eat a little bit of each one, and that way, try it all. And so, that is what we did.

These are the dishes we ordered, along their picture, so you can see what they are: 

Panang Curry 
(with our choice of beef).

3 Kings
(It comes with beef, chicken, and pork).

Pineapple fried rice 
(with our choice of pork). 
To the left, you can also see the white rice that comes with the Panang.

Pad See Ew
(with our choice of chicken).

And what is a date without dessert, right? We proceeded to order a dessert, which was beyond our expectations, and which in turn was followed by a very reasonable check. 

Fried Banana Egg Rolls 
with Coconut & Pineapple ice-cream

As we indulged ourselves with the sweet flavors of the fried banana egg rolls, and exotic flavored ice-cream, we were brought a little tablet-like device to pay with our card. I thought this process to be quite innovative, and in a way, it also allows you to be directly involved with the payment process to which at this point you are able to include your waiter/staff's tip in the receipt. I really liked this process, versus just watching your card disappear from your sight to who knows where, like it tends to happen in other restaurants. Let's just put it this way, I feel more comfortable when I can see my card, and there are less chances of it getting lost, misplaced, or misused.  

All in all, we had a great experience at PADTHAI Restaurant. We ate delicious food, and discovered new flavors. We enjoyed the ambiance of the restaurant, which is very well suited with the cultural theme of the place, and we were treated delightfully. As mentioned before, my husband knows how to cook Thai food, and yet, he thought the Panang we had here was the best one he had ever tasted. Believe me, when you live with people who are excellent cooks, hearing a compliment like that is a HUGE deal. In my case, I really enjoyed everything we ate, and I thought the prices were ideal. Meaning, you may spend as much on a fast food restaurant, and not have the same quality or culturally pleasing experience as may have if you visit a restaurant like this one. We were really pleased with the food, and the greatest part was that--we got to enjoy it twice. The servings are so big, that you'd probably have left overs for the next day, therefore, prolonging the savory experience. The other advantage to the serving sizes is that you can order one dish, and share it with your date, friends, and/or family. Like I said, this is usually something we do, and I highly recommend you try this method, in case you don't do so already.

So now you know it! The next time you are in Escondido, or neighboring cities, and you want to try great authentic Thai food, give PADTHAI Restaurant a try. If you do so, please let us know about your experience in a comment below. We would love to hear what you thought, and what was your favorite dish. 

To find out more about the Restaurant and the variety of dishes they offer, you can check the menu, and even order online through the PADTHAI Restaurant's website at

PADTHAI Restaurant
Located at
205 Mission Ave. STE U, Escondido, CA 92025

Open Monday - Sunday
11:00am - 09:00pm

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