Meet our extended Furry Family! National Love Your Pet Day

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To celebrate National Love Your Pet Day, I wanted to honor our loving furry family, and share those pets that have marked our lives in different ways.

I will start with Just Happiling's furry family in the US


Mia was adopted by our family when she was a kitten. She was almost going to be named Jade, because of the color of her eyes. She LOVES tuna fish, and aside of speaking Cat and understanding English, she speaks Spanish. Yeah! When she wants water, she meows in a peculiar way, which sounds like "Aqua", which sounds pretty much like "Agua" which is water in Spanish.

She loves to be pet, but if you are barefoot, she will literally throw herself at your feet. Although she is shy, and cute, she is also very mischievous. She is pretty clever you know. When you are not watching, she will do something close to another pet, trying to get them in trouble. So don't let those angelic eyes fool you., because I am sure she is planning something real soon.


Nahlia was adopted when she was about 6 months old. This little cutie loves doing adorable poses. and we call her "The Human Whisperer", because her meows are so soft, that she literally whispers. Sometimes she just moves her mouth, pretending to meow, which is hilarious. Nahlia loves turkey and treats. She is the huntress of the house. No matter if it is a gecko, a bug, a lizard or anything else, she won't let it pass our door. She is my buddy, because she likes to hang out with me most of the day.

This adorable kitty loves playing with her toys. They are like her stuffed friends, and she always have them close to her. We love her so much, she is just like a little kid, which makes every day a ton of fun.

Maya & Pink

These Loyal German Shepherds are waiting for their human mommy. Whenever she gets home, they get very excited and jump all over the place. I love these dogs, and I am so impressed by their size, that I keep on saying they must be relatives of werewolves. Learn more about these beautiful animals, and where to get yourself one of Kittridge's Shepherds; CLICK HERE.

Furry Just Happiling family in Mexico

Photo courtesy of Hector Mireles Photography, Mal'akh's human dad.
Mal'akh adopted me as her owner from the first moment she saw me. She recognized me and then ran towards me; from that moment we've never been apart. When she was born, she was noticeably different from her siblings, almost completely white, like an angel. That is where her name comes from (Mal'akh means 'angel' in Hebrew, that is how messenger angels are referred to in the biblical texts). For two whole months, I tried to train her by using a clicker (through sound), until one day I realized she was born deaf. Mal'akh loves to run in open fields, which is where I let her be free and have fun. Nonetheless, she is always checking where her human father is; that would be me. I had never had a pet with such vitality and energy, but overall, her noble personality, as she has always been friendly to both humans and other dogs. Her deafness, in a way, has made our bond even stronger. The few times that she has actually barked to others, has been in attempts to protect me. Nonetheless, the same works the other way around when she is afraid and finds herself looking for my protection. She is a very loved member of my family, and I can't wait to have a child that can grow with the blessing of having Mal'akh as his or her guardian. Mal'akh brings so much joy into my life, that I am grateful every day she is in it. 

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Wawa, Siberia, and Mocca are the furry daughters of Just Happiling's Oliver. They are also siblings to a kitty (Sunny). They love walks in the park, running around, and hanging out with their human dad.


Mocca was even part of a Christmas parade a few years ago. She looks adorable in her Santa hat.

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Brisa & Sally are tinny Chihuahua puppies, and part of our family in Mexico too. 

Other pets we've loved, who are no longer with us


We adopted Elliotte when he was 6. He was a very loving cat, whit a tremendous personality. Everyone who ever met Elliotte, automatically fell in love with him. He was very talkative, and would listen to you. You could have a whole conversation with him. He had a thing for gnomes. He always acted like if they were his friends. He loved being on top of the world. He touched our hearts and not a day goes by, in which we don't miss his odd meows. He was my pal, and I loved him so much.

Elliotte always helped me while I was working on projects for the blog, which included unpacking awesome products. Of course, he later just wanted to play inside the bigger boxes. It was his thing.


Nessie was a very cool Iguana, who was left at a Vet, friend of mine. He told me the animal was so neglected that he gave it no more than two weeks of life. I asked if I could take care of him, since the owner didn't want him anymore. All this wonderful creature needed was love & compassion. That is how I was able to turn those two weeks into two more years. Nessie was super cool, and definitely impressed all of my friends with his awesomeness.


One super adorable, and the other super mischievous. Chips was an adopted ferret, from when I lived back in Mexico, and J' was bought in a pet store. Ferrets are super fun animals to have, but they do have to be trained, because they can bite very hard. They pretty much behave like cats. They sleep a lot, and are more active during the night. These little creatures are best at ground level. Their bodies are fragile, and if they fall from a high place, they could hurt themselves pretty bad. I used to work in a pet shop, so I had to learn a lot about animals, plus it was always fun to share tips with new pet owners. That is how I was able to make friends in the pet business, and was able to interact with some of the coolest animals while being able to adopt others. Before you get a pet, make sure you know everything there is to know. I had J' for a few years, before I realized that I couldn't bring him with me to California, because they are not allowed in this state as pets. It was sad to let go of J', however, I know that he is in a very loving home, where kids can play with him all the time.

Through out our lives, tiny lovable creatures come and go. Some visit our homes for a longer time, and some for a short time. Sometimes you get to save them and give them a second chance, and sometimes we are the ones being saved by them. No matter what the case is, they stay in our hearts forever. We were fortunate to enjoy growing up surrounded by wonderful creatures. From hamsters, chickens, birds, fish, cats, ferrets, iguanas, and dogs. They are and were special in their own unique way. I've always loved animals, because they give you unconditional love, and all you really have to do is love them back. There is no doubt that we all have many lessons to learn from them, starting with the gift it is to have them in our lives.

Was there a particular kind of pet you always wanted to have? What kind of creature are you honoring today on National Love Your Pet Day? Share with us in a comment below. I'd love to know who are your non-human pals. Share photos of your pets through social media on 02/20/17 using hashtag  #NationalLoveYourPetDay, and let the world know how awesome pets are.

Until next time, smile, because it is contagious.


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