Grateful for the beauty in life, during Easter

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There are so many things to be grateful in life about. Things that embellish our every day, things that inspire us, things that keep us healthy, and further more, those things that no matter how big or small, make us overwhelmingly happy.


One of my favorite things about Spring, is to see all the different colors of flowers, and delight my senses with the smell of those fresh scents, my sight, with so many things to discover throughout the sky and garden, the taste of delicious home-grown organic food, and the feel of pure and simple happiness.

Did you know that you can eat the leaves of dandelions? We love adding them to our salads! And although this year we did not grow a lot of things, due to our plans of moving, some of the few things we did grow, we are harvesting for seeds to grow abundantly once we find that corner of heaven down here on Earth for our family.

This year we were not expecting much of our 'Saturn Peach Tree'. However, once it started blooming, I decided to play bee, since it was still cold for the awesome pollinators to do their job. I guess my trick payed off, because this year, we have loads of peaches growing quite nicely in the tree. And not only that, but for the first time in 3 years, these actually look flat, like they should. They don't call them Saturn Peaches for nothing.

Saw these beauties growing, and I just had to take a photo. It just looks marvelous to see purple accented flowers among the greenery of our small but loved garden.

And of course, because it is still cold enough, we can still enjoy loads of organically grown lettuce and other greens. It's so fulfilling to be cooking and know that you can find some delicious gifts from nature right outside your door. Plus I love how pretty they look, they could almost pass for ornament plants, and the best part is; if you get bored and want to redesign your landscape, you just feast on it--wink.

The butterfly flowers are blooming too, so hopefully we'll see some Monarch Butterflies dancing around our garden, making babies.

I truly can't wait for our peaches to mature and ripen, so that we can enjoy them one last time before we move. It does make me sad to think that we can't take the peach tree with us. However, I know that the future owner of this house will enjoy the blooms, and hopefully the fruit too. I'm sure that the peach tree won't feel lonely, as our dwarf banana will keep it company.

Surprise, surprise! We usually plant different things in the garden bins, and although every summer, there are tomatoes here, again, because we are planning to move, we didn't plant an this year. Nonetheless, when life want's to break way, there is no way on stopping it. Now, I am wondering which of our tomatoes is the one that decided to pop by where we have our Swiss Chard. Whichever it is, I am sure it's going to be delicious, like always. We'll keep you up-to-date with which tomato plants these are. Want to take a guess? Leave a comment sharing if you think they will be: Ace-55, Black Krim, San Marzano, Jersey Devil Tomato, or a cherry variety; Cabernet, Sweet 100, or Sunglobe (the yellow ones). We are as curious as you are!

And talking about yummies, our Fig trees are giving a lot of fruit. These are literally like candy to us. We just love when they are ready to pick, and tasting the difference between our three Fig trees.

Oh boy! We were not going to plant Sweet Peas this year, but we did. This photo was taken two days ago, and today, there are twice as many blooms. I think it's going to be a good batch of delicious Sweet Peas. These are my favorite thing to snack on, not only because we grew them, but because they taste so good.

We also got some volunteer miner lettuce growing in a pot on our balcony. I just get very happy when we don't plant anything, and then later discover that some of the goodness we planted seasons before, decides to come out and say 'Hey, feed me and I will feed you'! Or at least that's what I feel all plants think.

I's been so dry, that our apple took a hard hit. However, it's still hanging on trying to produce some fruit. At the moment, at least the flowers are coming back, from there, let's just hope for the best.

And well, we were a bit sick this Holiday Weekend. However, I had already worked in a few Easter Eggs, because I felt inspired and I really had this craving for painting some peacock themed eggs. So I did, and I placed them in the garden, just to have an Easter feel. Still, to me, Easter is about family, and about being grateful for the things we have. And that is why, even if we had to stay home, to rest and recover, looking outside the window, was a delight with the flowers and birds displaying the beauty of nature.

This little chickie and it's friends gave us a wonderful natural concert all Easter long. They kept singing, and singing, and singing. They surely made us feel better.

So how did you spend your Easter, and what are you grateful for? Leave us a comment below, we'd love to read you and find out what makes you happy during Holiday celebrations. Until next time, remember to smile, because it's contagious.


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