Beauty and the Beast inspired DIY Enchanted Rose

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With the upcoming release of Disney's live-action film, Beauty and the Beast, on Blu-ray/DVD and HD, this June 6th, 2017 I felt inspired to create one of my favorite iconic concepts of this story for the purpose of decorating our 'movie night' table; the Enchanted Rose.

While I know that the 'Enchanted Rose' is the gift that leads to the Prince's curse, it is still my favorite element of the story, and I wanted to share this super easy way to make craft roses for you to display, and let your imagination loose with the possibilities. I believe this craft to be very cheap, as most of the items used you may already have at home. Those you don't can be purchased at your local craft store. So let us get to it.

What you'll need:
1. Wire - It can be any type of wire. I am using copper wire used for jewelry. However, if you have a hanger, that could work too. Just be aware that the thicker it is, you might need special clippers to cut it to your preferred size without hurting yourself. The thinner it is, you can manipulate best. You would just have to use more of it.
2. Masking Tape - I love using masking tape for crafts, because it is very easy to manipulate, and you can paint on it, or glue on top of it too. 
3. Tissue Paper - Red and green tissue paper. You might have some laying around your home from an old birthday gift bag. I get a whole pack of diverse colored tissue paper for 99 cents. I use it for so many things. 
4. White Glue - You probably have this around the house alongside other school supplies. I like using white glue, because once it dries it turns transparent. 
5. An empty Glass Jar - While I am reusing an old glass jar I had, if you are creating this for your kids to play with, you could use a plastic water bottle, cut it open and then reseal it with tape. That way it won't easily break.
Additionally: You may need some green paint to paint bits here and there, or to add accents to your craft. And of course, glitter, because glitter makes it all magical.

1. Start by making the basic skeleton shape of the flower; the stem, the leaf, and the bulb. As you can see in the image above to the left, I went through the same shape several times with the wire, since mine is thin.
2. Wrap your wire shape with masking tape. You can start sculpting the body of your flower with the masking tape as seen in center image above. At this point, you could just paint the stem and leaf with green paint, or continue as I do further on.
3. If you are going cover it all with tissue paper, start with the bulb. Work yourself from the center to the outer layer. Just remember that it doesn't have to be perfect, because nothing in nature really is. That is the beauty of nature, everything is unique. Just keep on going around, making folds, creating loops and so on. You should use the white glue to secure each section as you turn it and go around the bulb.

You should end up with something like the picture below. 

4. Then you continue covering the stem with the green tissue paper using the white glue. The tissue paper is very fragile, just be careful not to get it glued on your skin. It may stain. You'll find little corners where the masking tape is visible. Here is where you will need green acrylic paint, or a green permanent marker to cover those areas.

5. Now you are technically done! However, if you are like me, and you still need to add that touch of "magic". You can use gold acrylic paint to embellish the petals of the flower, glue some glitter to the stem, or just let your imagination to make this the perfect enchanted rose.

Now that you have your rose, if you want to place it inside a container like a jar or water bottle, make sure you create a base. You can use leftover cardboard from a shipping box, or any other that you already have at home. Make sure it is the same size as the cover of your jar. Make a hole in the middle to insert a piece of wire. Secure it with masking tape on the opposite side of the cardboard base. Use the wire to wrap it around your rose's stem, and shape it to the position you want your rose to be set. Place inside the Jar or water bottle and add some glitter. I added some glue on the inside walls of the jar and then shook the glitter inside.

You can always use the masking tape to secure the lid, and then paint it with some gold acrylic paint, glitter, or pretty markers.

Make roses of different sizes to decorate for your various projects. Enjoy!

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  1. Looks very close to the one in the movie! Great post about how to make your very own!


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