My Little Pony: The Movie, coming to theaters this October (Eng/Esp)

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If you are huge fans of My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic, you are going to love this. Your favorite characters from Ponyville will be arriving to the big screen this October 6th, with loads of fun and cuteness. Check out the new trailer for the film, and be ready to feel like a giddy kid again! That is, unless you are actually a kid, then--just get super excited, because we are never too young or too old to enjoy My Little Pony.

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In theaters October 6th, 2017

A dark force threatens Ponyville, and the Mane 6 – Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Rarity – embark on an unforgettable journey beyond Equestria where they meet new friends and exciting challenges on a quest to use the magic of friendship to save their home.

Princess Skystar (Kristin Chenoweth) and Queen Novo (Uzo Aduba) in MY LITTLE PONY: THE MOVIE. Image Courtesy of Lionsgate and Hasbro.
About the film:
The film has an all-star voice cast including Emily Blunt, Kristin Chenoweth, Liev Schreiber, Michael Peña, Sia, Taye Diggs, Uzo Aduba and Zoe Saldana. The movie features original music and songs performed by Sia, Diggs, Saldana, Chenoweth and Blunt. Lionsgate is releasing MY LITTLE PONY: THE MOVIE in theaters nationwide on October 6, 2017.
Lionsgate and Allspark Pictures present, a DHX Media production.

Songbird Serenade (Sia) in MY LITTLE PONY: THE MOVIE. 

Image Courtesy of Lionsgate and Hasbro.
Watch the trailer

Yay! I was smiling all throughout the trailer. Now that you know that My Little Pony the movie is coming, which ponies (not in the pictures) do you expect to see? What is your favorite pony of all Equestria? Are you a fan of the series, or who is the biggest fan in your family and friend's circle? Let us know in a comment below. We would love to read you. Remember to follow us via social media to keep up to date with the latest in fun family films like this one, events, and much more. Until the next time, remember to smile, because it's contagious!


Exención de responsabilidad: Nuestro blog forma parte de un grupo de blogs, participando en la campaña publicitaria de la pelicula descrita en este post, y en colaboración con Allied Contigo. No obstante, todas las opiniones son 100% nuestras. Las imágenes e informatción promocional utilizadas en este post, nos fueron proporcionadas con fines de prensa.

Una fuerza oscura amenaza a Ponyville y las Mane 6 –Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy y Rarity– emprenden un viaje inolvidable más allá de las fronteras de Equestria, donde encontrarán nuevos amigos y desafíos emocionantes en una búsqueda para usar la magia de la amistad para salvar a su hogar.

La película tiene un reparto de voces estelar que incluye a Emily Blunt, Kristin Chenoweth, Liev Schreiber, Michael Peña, Sia, Taye Diggs, Uzo Aduba y Zoe Saldana. La película también contará con música original y canciones interpretadas por Sia, Diggs, Saldana, Aduba, Chenoweth y Blunt. Lionsgate estrenará MY LITTLE PONY: THE MOVIE en los cines de EE.UU. el 6 de octubre de 2017.

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