Un poco locos with excitement! Disney•Pixar "COCO" movie night + a Giveaway

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Disclaimer: We are part of the campaigning bloggers promoting the release of the film described in this blog post, alongside Allied Contigo. We received no compensation other than movie-related merchandise shown in this blog post, for the purpose of sharing it with our viewers via our movie-night event. Although we received the previously mentioned merch free of charge, all opinions are 100% honest and our own. Any and all promotional photos and information were provided to us for press purposes.

I am beyond excited to be celebrating the release of Disney•Pixar "COCO" with a themed movie night, and feel very honored to be able to share this experience with all of you. As you already know, I was born and raised in my dear old Mexico, and because of this, I am very attached to the tradition of celebrating the Day of the Dead. I really love to tell stories about my ancestors, especially my close relatives, in order to keep the memories alive; I think it's very important. Now that I am a Citizen of the United States, it brings me much joy to be able to share this beautiful tradition with my husband's family and my friends here in the US. To me, this movie represents how rich diversity is, and how wonderful adopting other cultural traditions may be to our own families.

Movie night was such a joy. It made me feel just like home to bring some elements of the Day of the Dead, and of the Mexican Culture together in one very entertaining home event.

Have you seen the tiny piñata in the picture above? How adorable is that? Piñatas are a very traditional and iconic element of Mexican celebrations, and they always brighten the spirit of any fiesta. Therefore, we definitely needed to incorporate this element to our Disney•Pixar "Coco" movie night, because we are not only celebrating the release of this inspiring film, but also being able to see ourselves represented in such a colorful and graceful way.

Alongside a digital copy of Disney•Pixar "Coco", we received quite a few movie-inspired merch that was sure to bring a lot of fun to our movie night. We got a fun collectible Funko figurine of Hector, we got a Disney•Pixar Coco DIY Picture Frame Kit, a Singalong Movie-Inspired Microphone, loads of stickers, and some inflatable decoration for our little fiesta.

To this, we brought to the table, some Day of the Dead sugar skull decorations, since they are the main representation of the Holiday, the flowers, and of course the food.

Marigolds are usually what is used during the Day of the Dead celebration, but because they are not in season, we decided to do something fun that I knew my family would enjoy. To decorate the table, we got some orange ranunculus, since they are very similar to marigolds, however, because Spring is around the corner, we bought some seeds. This way, we will be able to have home-grown marigolds to add to our ofrenda/altar on November. I believe that part of what makes ofrendas/offerings so special, is the fact that they are usually home-made. The food we place in the altars for our ancestors to enjoy, is usually made by the family. Therefore, if you're growing the flowers yourself as well, it makes the offering extra special, in my opinion. If your family loves gardening as much as mine, growing flowers together may also be a fun family activity to do during movie night.

Music is in my veins! Ever since I was a little kid, I was blessed to be exposed to diverse musical instruments, some of which I learned to play myself. From the first moment I saw "the guitar" played by Miguel in this movie, I totally fell in love with it. I connected with this feeling my tocallo Miguel had towards playing music; it was a very appealing emotion. It was very exciting to get some inflatable representations of this guitar to decorate our movie night display. I think that I am always going to use these when I decorate my altar for Dia de los Muertos: My grandmother would like that.

Did you know? Tocallo is a common word used in Mexico, to refer to someone whose name is the same as yours. It is a way to connect with someone, as an aspect you both have in common; your name. If your name is John, and you meet someone whose name is Juan, you are technically tocallos too. Tocallo - Singular (i.e. My tocallo is awesome.), Tocallos - Plural (i.e. We are tocallos.), Tocalla - female (used when your tocallo is a female, like in Miguel's case. I am  his tocalla, because Michelle is a version of the name Miguel).


And of course, one of the most important things about movie night; the food! We were having cravings for chilaquiles for a few days, so, movie night was the perfect excuse to indulge ourselves with a dish that my grandmother loved. chilaquiles are one of my favorite Mexican dishes to make, because they are very tasty and super simple to create. There are tons of recipes and videos online on how to make chilaquiles, but here is how I make them.

Here's what you need:

  • Corn Tortillas (we buy organic corn tortillas and use half to the whole packet).
  • Enchilada Sauce (although you can really use any thick sauce you want).
  • Half a white onion (but use as much as you truly want).
  • Grated Cheese (ideally you want to use white cheese. Traditional Mexican food does not include yellow cheese. However, you can use what you have in hand and that's okay too.)
  • Sliced Black Olives
  • Cooking oil to fry the tortillas (we use avocado oil).
  • Salt, Pepper, and Garlic Powder (and you can add any other spices you feel you'd enjoy).

Here is how I make them:

  1. Chop your onion into small dices. Slice the black olives into about four pieces per olive. Slice your tortillas to the size and shape you prefer. Grate the cheese.
  2. Place your tortilla pieces inside a big enough plastic bag, add some cooking oil inside the bag, close it, and shake well. You can add some spices here, or later on. Just leave the pepper until you are almost done with the whole meal, or it will change the flavor of your dish.
  3. Add cooking oil to your pan, making sure that the pan will fit all your ingredients. Once it gets hot enough, incorporate your chopped onions, and move them around for about two minutes. As they start to sizzle, and way before they start changing color, add your corn tortillas. Make sure that you are constantly turning them around so that they get evenly fried. However, be careful not to mush them too much. I like to use a tong to turn the tortilla pieces around. This helps avoid the mushing. 
  4. While your tortillas are getting crunchier, mix some of your spices into the enchilada sauce.
  5. Once  your tortilla pieces are crunchy enough to your personal preference, add the enchilada sauce and mix a little. Make sure that all of your tortilla pieces are covered in both sides. 
  6. You should monitor your chilaquiles, making sure that the tortillas do not stick to the pan, and turning them around often until the sauce is thick enough, and mostly absorbed by your tortillas. Here's where you have to eyeball it to your personal preference. Do you want them saucy, or not very saucy. Crunchy, or not very crunchy. Remember that after you fried your tortilla pieces, the sauce is going to soften them again. Therefore, if your tortillas weren't fried enough, your chilaquiles may turn into mush once you add your salsa; just something to keep in mind. 
  7. Once your chilaquiles are done, and you have turned off the flame. Add your slices of olives, and gently mix them with the chilaquiles. 
  8. Add your grated cheese so that it melts on top of the chilaquiles. I personally like to eat them this way, and my husband likes the cheese mixed within the chilaquiles. So when I make them for us, I just mix it in.
Chilaquiles are so versatile, that at restaurants in Mexico, you can find them with green salsa or with red salsa.

Once you have your chilaquiles ready, you can accompany them like we did, with: refried beans, and pico de gallo. Pico de gallo is also very easy to make, it's only: chopped onion, tomato, cilantro, lime juice, salt, and pepper (we also add about two tablespoons of olive oil, although it's not needed). Mix it all up, and tadaaaa--pico de gallo.

If you have leftover chicken, you can add this to the chilaquiles too, and it makes a great meal. Or, you can accompany the chilaquiles with eggs on the side for a delicious breakfast alternative. As I said, chilaquiles are very versatile and that is why we love them so much.

Buen provecho (Enjoy)!


We were sent these fun Disney•Pixar Coco inspired merchandise, which was very fun to play with and get creative during our fun movie night. Check them out, and find out where you can buy your own. Plus, we have one picture frame kit to give away. Please keel on reading to find out how to win it.

Coco Frames:

Find this product here ---> https://www.toysrus.com/buy/activities/disney-pixar-coco-diy-frame-set-700559coc-132291856
  • Product is sold at Toys-R-Us for $12.99 (price may vary at the time of purchase).
  • The Make Your Own Picture Frame Set includes: 1 Wooden Frame, Sticker Sheet, Foam Sticker Sheet, 2 Markers, 6 paints and a paintbrush.
  • To Decorate your Frame: 
    • Using the markers and paints, paint your own design on the frame, The markers can be used to color in the smaller corner designs as well. Allow your frame to dry for at least an hour. You can then decorate your frame using the stickers included. The Foam stickers will give your frame some dimension. You can also use these on the plastic sheet that covers your photo if you like. 
    • Once your frame is dry and decorated, you can open the back of your frame to insert your picture. To close your frame, place the wooden backer behind your photo and bend the tabs over the wooden backer to keep in place. 
    • Display your very own Coco Creation!
Additional context: Frames play a key role in Coco/ Día de Muertos as they are used to display photos of loved ones that have passed and are placed on ofrendas/altars

Although in the movie, frames are used to display the pictures of family members or loved ones who have passed, I wanted to use this frame to add a photo of my brother and me. We are both, pretty much alive, but one day, when I am very, very old, and who knows, possibly gone too; I'd like my family to look at this picture and see us as we were; goofy siblings. Plus, this is my favorite picture of us, it deserves a fun frame.

I can't stop with this super awesome MP3 Microphone inspired by the movie. It has the Poco Loco song built into it, and I'm just letting my inner child sing the song, over, and over, and over again. Hey, I'm dressed as Miguel, aren't I, I'm trying to play the role here, haha!

Coco Microphones:

Find this product here ---> Coco Microphones
  • Product is sold at Toys-R-Us for $21.99 (price may vary at the time of purchase).
  • Seize your moment in the spotlight with this amazing MP3 Microphone made especially for fans of Coco! Lights flash as you sing along to the fun built-in music, featuring a song from the hit movie. Connect your smart phone, MP3 player, or other audio device to perform your favorite playlists for friends and family, too!

Once we were set with the food, and after spending some creative time with the cool movie-inspired merchandise, it was time to sit back, relax, enjoy the food, the company, and Disney•Pixar "Coco".

I can't even begin to tell you how emotional this film was for me. I had a very close relationship with my grandmother, so this film really touched my heart.

The graphics are so colorful and so beautiful, that they gracefully lure you into the magical world they've created for the film. There is so much detail in the making of each scene, the characters, and the music, that I feel it should definitely be considered a masterpiece of the movie industry. It's hard to start describing all the wonderful feelings that I went through, while watching this movie, without becoming emotional about it. It's funny, insightful, whimsical, and it makes you feel the excitement that only a mariachi scream can.

The music was splendid, and I literally can't stop singing the songs. I was singing "Poco Loco" and "Remember Me" all day, and I believe that the whole talent behind the voices of each character, couldn't have been done by any other actor. Almost like these roles were meant to be for them. I loved it.

As a Mexican, I can say that everyone involved with the creation of Disney•Pixar "Coco" did an incredible job at studying and understanding different aspects of both our culture, as well as the celebration of one of the most adored Holidays of our Mexican Culture. Thus, being able to craft every single detail, into a very thoughtfully magical story that truly embraces our beloved festivity of Dia de los Muertos. This is not only coming from me, but from the many friends and family members who have already told me, how much they loved this film. I was able to tell that the whole team at Disney•Pixar, carefully studied many aspects of our culture, in order to tell the story, making everyone who sees it, understand why this Holiday is so precious. "Family" is the most important value in the Mexican Culture; Disney•Pixar "Coco" really embraced this sentiment, and was able to show the whole world about what it means to us Mexicans, in the most magnificent way. Because to us, family comes first, and family is not always blood either, it's those who are close, and who care.

If you feel this way about your family and friends who also become family, and you love to learn about other cultures, you definitely have to see Disney•Pixar "Coco"; already available on digital form via Movies Anywhere, and coming to Blu-ray, DVD, and 4K Ultra HD on February 27th, 2018.

Overall it was a beautiful movie-night event, and I feel like watching this film with your kids, is a great way to introduce this colorful Holiday to your little ones, without scaring them off. I think a new tradition is going to be added to our celebration of Dia de Muertos, thanks to this magnificent film.

I humbly wished there were enough words, to describe how grateful I am with everyone involved with the creation of this film. I feel so honored to have my culture represented the way Disney•Pixar "Coco" does, making it, an instant family favorite.



“… the best animated feature of the year.
It’s not even a contest.”
Dwight Brown, Huffington Post

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Disney•Pixar’s “COCO
Crosses Over Digitally in HD, 4K Ultra HD™ and Movies Anywhere on Feb. 13
and 4K Ultra HD™ & Blu-ray™ on Feb. 27

The critically acclaimed animated film celebrates the importance of family, honoring your ancestors and following your dreams, and includes extensive extras for the whole family

BURBANK, Calif. (Jan. 12, 2018) — Disney•Pixar’s “Coco” —the story of a 12-year-old aspiring musician’s extraordinary journey to the magical land of his ancestors—won a 2018 Golden Globe Award for Best Animated Motion Picture, topped the domestic box office Thanksgiving holiday weekend, became the highest grossing film of all time in Mexico, broke records in China and earned widespread praise, receiving 96 percent from critics and 97 percent from audiences on Rotten Tomatoes. Now this vibrant tale filled with love and laughter arrives home Digitally in HD and 4K Ultra HD™ and on Movies Anywhere on Feb. 13, and on 4K Ultra HD,™ Blu-ray,™ DVD and On-Demand on Feb. 27.

Through fresh and fascinating bonus material, adventurers of all ages will tag along with filmmakers as they soak in Día de los Muertos in Mexico; explore the essential role of music in “Coco;” and learn how the cast and crew personally connect with the film’s message. They’ll step behind the scenes to discover the inspiration behind the film’s creative costuming; Miguel’s beautifully complicated family; Dante the loyal Xolo dog; and the stunning worlds of both the dead and the living. Features also include deleted scenes, insightful filmmaker commentary, the music of Coco and more.

"Coco" is packaged several ways to ensure viewers get the most out of their in-home viewing experience. The Multi-screen Edition (formerly the Blu-ray Combo Pack) includes Blu-ray, DVD and a Digital copy, giving viewers the flexibility to watch the film on different devices. Those with 4K Ultra HD capability may opt for Digital 4K Ultra HD or the 4K UHD Combo Pack, which includes 4K UHD, Blu-ray and a Digital copy. 4K Ultra HD provides four times the resolution of HD, bringing the rich color, textures and sounds to life and immersing viewers in two fantastically animated worlds. Dolby Atmos audio heightens the memorable score created by Oscar®-winning composer Michael Giacchino and his 83-piece orchestra, as well as original songs like “Remember Me” by the Oscar®-winning team behind “Frozen,” Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez.


Blu-ray & Digital:
  • Deleted Scenes with Introductions - Director Lee Unkrich and co-director Adrian Molina talk about the deleted scenes and the part they played in the development of “Coco.”
    • Da de los Muertos - In this musical extravaganza, the colors and excitement of Día de los Muertos come to life as we meet superstar Ernesto de la Cruz.
    • The Way of the Riveras - A musical number in which Abuelita and Miguel prepare their Día de los Muertos celebration while she teaches him Rivera family history and traditions.
    • Celebrity Tour - Héctor, a Land of the Dead tour bus guide, agrees to help Miguel, revealed to be a living boy, on his quest to find de la Cruz.
    • The Bus Escape - The Rivera family catches up to Miguel and Héctor and attempts to halt their mission to find de la Cruz.
    • Alebrije Attack - Miguel and Héctor are interrupted on their journey to find de la Cruz by a fierce alebrije.
    • The Family Fix - After de la Cruz reveals his true colors, the Rivera family puts their dismay aside and comes together to repair the smashed guitar needed to send Miguel home.
    • To the Bridge - As the Land of the Dead counts down to the end of Día de los Muertos, Miguel and de la Cruz come head-to-head on the marigold bridge.
  • Filmmaker Commentary – Presented by Lee Unkrich (director), Adrian Molina (co-director) and Darla K. Anderson (producer).
  • The Music of “Coco” - Collaborating with musicians of Mexico and some unique instrumentation, this documentary explores the beautiful fusion of music essential to the story of “Coco.”
  • Paths to Pixar: “Coco” - Explore how the film crew’s personal stories resonate with the themes of the movie itself.
  • Welcome to the Fiesta - A musical exploration of the skeletons that make the Land of the Dead in “Coco” so wondrous and intriguing.
  • How to Draw a Skeleton - Pixar artist Daniel Arriaga gives a lesson on the quick and easy way to draw skeletons using simple shapes.
  • A Thousand Pictures a Day - Join the “Coco” crew on an immersive travelogue through Mexico, visiting families, artisans, cemeteries, and small villages during the Día de los Muertos holiday.
  • Mi Familia - Developing the Riveras was a labor of love that took the cast and crew on a deep dive into the meaning of family.
  • Land of Our Ancestors – Watch Pixar artists lovingly construct layer upon layer of architecture from many eras of Mexican history, bringing the Land of the Dead to life.
  • Fashion Through the Ages – The cast of characters in “Coco” are from many different eras, making for some magnificent costuming opportunities.
  • The Real Guitar – The majestic guitar that spurs Miguel on his journey through the Land of the Dead is a unique creation. Watch as it is initially designed by a Pixar artist and ultimately realized as a real instrument by a master luthier in this poetic ode to craftsmanship.
  • Dante - How the crew fell in love with the uniquely Mexican breed of Xoloitzcuintli (or “Xolo”) dogs that inspired Dante.
  • How to Make Papel Picado - Join Pixar artist Ana Ramírez González as we learn how papel picado is made traditionally, and then try your own approach to this beautiful art form.
  • Un Poco “Coco” - A montage of original animated pieces used to promote “Coco.”
  • Coco Trailers” - Trailers include “Feeling,” “Dante’s Lunch,” “Destiny,” “Journey” and “Belong.”
  • Filmmaker Commentary
  • Dante
About “Coco
In Disney•Pixar’s “Coco,Pixar Animation Studios’ 19th feature film, Miguel (voice of newcomer Anthony Gonzalez) dreams of becoming an accomplished musician like his idol Ernesto de la Cruz (voice of Benjamin Bratt)—despite his family’s baffling generations-old ban on music. Desperate to prove his talent, Miguel finds himself in the stunning and colorful Land of the Dead following a mysterious chain of events. Along the way, he meets charming trickster Héctor (voice of Gael García Bernal), and together, they set off on an extraordinary journey to unlock the real story behind Miguel's family history.

The voice cast of “Coco” includes characters from the Land of the Living and the Land of the Dead. From the Land of the Living, Anthony Gonzalez (“Ice Box,” TNT’s “The Last Ship”) lends his voice to Miguel, Renée Victor (“Weeds,” “The Apostle”) provides the authoritative voice of Abuelita, and Jaime Camil (CW’s “Jane the Virgin,” Disney Junior’s “Elena of Avalor,” “The Secret Lives of Pets”) is the voice of Papá. Lombardo Boyar (“Happy Feet,” TNT’s “Murder in the First”) voices a town mariachi, and Ana Ofelia Murguía is the voice of Miguel’s cherished great-grandmother Mamá Coco. Sofía Espinosa (“Gloria”) provides the voice of Miguel’s loving Mamá, and Luis Valdez (“Which Way Is Up,” director La Bamba” and “The Cisco Kid”) lends his voice to Tío Berto, Miguel’s hardworking uncle.

From the Land of the Dead, Gael García Bernal (Amazon’s “Mozart in the Jungle”) helps bring to life charming trickster Héctor, Benjamin Bratt (Fox’s “Star,” “Doctor Strange”) is the voice of Miguel’s idol Ernesto de la Cruz, and Alanna Ubach (“Meet the Fockers,” Bravo’s “Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce”) provides the voice of Miguel’s great-great-grandmother Mamá Imelda. Alfonso Arau (“¡Three Amigos!” director/ producer “Like Water for Chocolate,” director “A Walk in the Clouds”) is the voice of Miguel’s late great-grandfather Papá Julio, Herbert Siguenza (“Larry Crowne,” “Ben 10: Alien Swarm”) lends his voice to both Tío Oscar and Tío Felipe, Miguel’s late identical twin uncles, and Gabriel Iglesias (“Planes,” “The Nut Job,” “The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature”) lends his voice to the Clerk. Natalia Cordova-Buckley (“Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D”) provides the voice of legendary artist Frida Kahlo, Selene Luna (“My Bloody Valentine,” “Celebrity Wife Swap”) voices Miguels aunt Tía Rosita, and Edward James Olmos (“Blade Runner,” “Stand and Deliver”) lends his voice to Chicharrón.

Also lending their voices are Carla Medina, Dyana Ortelli, Blanca Araceli, Salvador Reyes, Cheech Marin, Octavio Solis and John Ratzenberger.

Directed by Lee Unkrich (“Toy Story 3”) and co-directed by Adrian Molina (story artist “Monsters University”) from a script by Molina and Matthew Aldrich (“Spinning Man”). Darla K. Anderson (“Toy Story 3”) produces, and John Lasseter is executive producer. “Coco” features an original score from Oscar®-winning composer Michael Giacchino (“Up,” “Rogue One”), a song by Oscar winners Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez (“Frozen”), and additional songs co-written by Germaine Franco (“Dope,” “Shovel Buddies”) and Molina. Also part of the team is musical consultant Camilo Lara of the music project Mexican Institute of Sound, as well as cultural consultants Lalo Alcaraz, Marcela Davison Avilés and Octavio Solis.

Disc Specifications
Product SKUs: Digital = 4K UHD with HDR (HDR-10 or Dolby Vision), HD, SD
Physical = 4K UHD Combo Pack (4K UHD+Blu-ray+Digital HD/SD), Multi-screen Edition (Blu-ray+DVD+Digital HD/SD) and DVD
Feature Run Time: Approximately 109 minutes
Rating: PG in U.S., G in CE, and G in CF
Aspect Ratio: 2.39:1
Resolution: 4K UHD = 3840 x 2160, HD = 1920 x 1080, SD = 720 x 480
Audio: 4K UHD Blu-ray = English Dolby Atmos, English, Spanish and French 7.1 Dolby Digital Plus, English 5.1 Dolby Digital, English 2.0 Dolby Digital, English 2.0 Descriptive Audio; 4K UHD Digital = English Dolby Atmos (platform dependent), English 5.1, English 2.0; Blu-ray = English 7.1 DTS-HDMA, English 5.1 DTS-HDHR, English 2.0 Dolby Digital, Spanish and French 5.1 Dolby Digital Language Tracks, English 2.0 Descriptive Audio; DVD = English, Spanish and French 5.1 Dolby Digital Language Tracks, English 2.0 Dolby Digital, English 2.0 Descriptive Audio
Subtitles: Blu-ray = English SDH, Spanish and French Subtitles
Closed Captions: Digital = English; DVD = English

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One lucky follower will win a Disney•Pixar Coco DIY frame set just like the one we showed in this blog post. It is super simple to enter. 
  • Just visit our Instagram account by clicking here --> @justhappiling
  • Then look for the giveaway post, hint; it's the one showing the finished frame.
  • Follow the instructions on that post; like the post, leave a comment on what you liked the most about the film. If you haven't seen it, share your favorite family tradition in a comment on the giveaway post at Instagram. Include #PixarCoco with your comment at the giveaway post on Instagram.
  • Then Follow @justhappiling and @pixarcoco on Instagram. 
**You have to do all of the above for your entry to count. Otherwise, you won't be considered in this giveaway.
For an extra entry; you can leave a comment in this blog post, telling us something special that you like about Disney•Pixar Coco. If you haven't seen the movie, you can just share something special that you've learned about an ancestor, which you cherish and pass on with future generations. We'd love to read you. Don't forget to add your Instagram username @yourname so that I know who you are. This extra entry only counts if you've done the previous Instagram related entry.

This giveaway is open to US residents only, who are 18 years or older at the time of entry. Only one entry per household is allowed. Multiple accounts by one same household is not allowed. We check all entries, and cheating will ban you from participating in future giveaways at our blog. By entering this giveaway you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions of this giveaway, and to release Just Happiling, and all social media venues from any liability. Prize fulfillment is the sole responsibility of the sponsor of this event. This giveaway starts on 02/25/2018 and ends on 03/05/2018 at 09:00 pm PST. The winner will be randomly selected on 03/06/2018, and will be contacted via Instagram. The winner will have 24 hrs to respond and claim the prize, or a new winner will be chosen from those who participated during the time of the giveaway.

Good luck!

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Disclaimer: We are part of the campaigning bloggers promoting the release of the film described in this blog post, alongside Allied Contigo. We received no compensation other than movie-related merchandise shown in this blog post, for the purpose of sharing it with our viewers via our movie-night event. Although we received the previously mentioned merch free of charge, all opinions are 100% honest and our own. Any and all promotional photos and information were provided to us for press purposes.

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  1. I have yet to see Coco - but I am looking forward to seeing it on DVD. I recently learned that my great-grandmother kept journals, and have been able to read them. What a great sense of humor she had...something I didn't realize when I was younger.

  2. I haven't seen the movie yet. But I can't wait. We love family transitions and this will be a great family movie. @justicekeri on IG.


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