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If you've been following us for a while, you know that we just love everything related to art. My grandmother was a painter, and she gave classes to children. Thus, from a very early age, I had a very high appreciation for art. My best friend used to say that my house looked like a museum, from the number of paintings, and framed prints hanging all over the place. I'm not kidding. You can go to the bathroom, and find at least four pieces of wall art hanging in there. When I got married, I decided to hold off on buying a lot of art, because we weren't going to stay in that house for a very long time. However, the house did not feel like home, because the walls were bare for the most part. I started getting a few pieces to add a bit of love and color, however, as many of you know, we moved a year and a half ago, and with a saddened heart, we had to leave a lot of bulky things behind, including wall art. 
While we are not expecting to stay for long in the house either, I just didn't want to wait long to add beauty to our walls in the way that brings inspiration and happiness to our lives. Therefore, you can only imagine how excited I got when the team at Photowall contacted us for a collaboration. I was beyond happy because I had literally gone through their website a few weeks ago, looking for prints of pieces I had fallen in love with, at the museum. 

I was invited to choose a framed print, canvas, wall mural, or wallpaper design of my choosing. I noticed that they also had some pretty cool posters. I have to be honest. Although I had already eyed a few pieces back then, it took me a couple of days to choose something that we could all be happy with. I debated between getting a piece for our room, for the living room, or just a special print to inspire us all the time, no matter where it was placed. It took a lot of decision making, mainly because I could only choose one. No worries, all of the ones that got left out this time, are patiently waiting in my wishlist, haha. Soon my prrrrrrecious!

Brothers Niklas and Charlie Johansson, started with the idea for the company back in 2006, as they saw that the market was lacking a more diverse selection in the area of personalized wall art. During the same year, they ventured into buying their first digital printing press, leading to the birth of what is now Photowall; an established Swedish company, which is always testing new ideas and is focused on creative design, quality, and custom-made products. I must say, I really liked their moto; "Wall art by Passionate People".

The website is very easy to navigate. You have so many options to choose from, that I am sure that there will be something catching your eye, no matter what type of art you are into. I loved so many of the floral wallpaper designs, that I can't wait until we move, so we can start giving some personality to each of our rooms.

I finally went for a wonderful 31.5 x 39.37" canvas print. A piece called "Still Life of Fruit and Flowers" by Francois Joseph Huygens. Ordering was very straight forward. Nothing complicated at all. In fact, if you are used to shopping online, the ordering process is quite simple. Plus the best part is, shipping is always free within the United States. Now that's something that always gets me coming back to my favorite online shops. 

Shipping was very quick. When you are filling out the order form with your mailing information, which includes a phone number, you receive updates on the shipment status via text message. I was sent the item on March 03rd and received it on March 5th. Yes, that was only took two days! Considering that I live in a rural area, this was fantastic timing. Delivery is done by DHL. 

The package was super light, even though it was tall. I've received packages in a similar size, and I wasn't expecting it to be so easy to carry around without dragging it. My print is quite tall, so the size of this package makes sense. I wasn't quite expecting an item that I had to put together, but it definitely helps with the shipping, as there are fewer chances for the item to get damaged. That, to me, is worth the time it takes to put anything together. Besides, I do like to feel handy and build things that we later enjoy at home. 

To my surprise, the only tools aside of what was in the box, that I actually needed to build this item, where; scissors to open the package, and patience. 

When I opened the box and found out that there were no tools, such as a wrench or screwdrivers to build this project, I got very excited. It meant that this was going to be simpler than I thought. Just because I am good at building things, doesn't mean I like to complicate my life or take forever to put something together. Thus, the least amount of time it takes, the happier I get.

What you see in the picture below, aside from the receipt and the instructions, is all that comes in the package. The four sides of the frame. The brackets to hold the inner corners together. The screws, which you can easily insert with your own hands; you just twist them in, they're awesome. The  rolled up canvas, with a few extra pieces to hang it on the wall. I usually don't use these last ones. 

The instructions were very easy to follow. I just had to make sure that the frame was placed the right way, and that it was exactly on the edge of the canvas, before I removed the glue strip, to start building my structure. I do have to say that you definitely have to make sure that the area you are working on is totally flat. Otherwise, your canvas won't be all stretched out the way it's meant to. So just be aware of that. On the other hand, if you notice right away that your canvas is not totally flat, you can carefully peel it and fix the issue. Just remember that this is like tape, if you peel often, you are going to damage your item.

It wasn't that hard to place each side of the frame together. It was more of just doing piece by piece, making sure that the glue would stick to the frame. So once I peeled the glue strip, I would press the wooden piece down, and then fold it in, as per instructions, and then press the canvas again with my fingers, making an extra effort on the parts that weren't totally glued in or straight. I think this helped a lot to keep the edge of the canvas aligned with the edge of the wood. 

All that was left, as shown in the picture above, was to place the metal brackets, and secure them with the screws. For a moment there, I worried that the holes in the wood wouldn't align with the ones on the brackets. Although this is common, it is also very annoying. However, it was not the case on my frame. There was a moment in which I was having a hard time inserting the screw. But when I flipped the bracket to the other side, the problem was solved. So if you ever have an issue, just flip the piece, and see if that works better; it did for me.

I took my time putting this canvas together, because I wanted to do it right, and because I was taking photos for this review. However, I feel like, on a normal day, it would probably take no longer than 20 minutes to put this together. So, to me, that was a huge win. 

I was so ready to hang our new canvas, for everyone's enjoyment. 

Tada! This canvas print looked so perfect in our living/dining room. Our home is super rustic, because we live in a rural area, and this was a business before it became our home. It's a historic building, and we do love the style. Nonetheless, the walls were too brown. They needed a bit of color, in my opinion. Now, we can enjoy the woodsy-cabin look, but with some personality that resembles some of our favorite things; food and flowers. We grow a lot of plants in the spring, and I think this print reflects part of who we are, which helps a house feel like a home. 

My favorite thing about Photowall was; the ease to get your item. From ordering to shipping time, and then putting it together. I loved the quality of the printing process. I'm very picky about this part, but I found it to be perfect in our canvas. When my husband saw it, he kept on saying "wow". He was delighted. Other people that have seen it, have expressed how beautiful it is. The size is incredible. My family has a history of placing this type of art in the dining area, and I didn't have one. Again, makes me feel more like "home" in our current house. I really liked that when it was packed, it wasn't bulky at all. This means that if I wanted to gift someone a beautiful piece from Photowall, I could easily carry it around, and they wouldn't have a clue of what it was. It'd definitely be a surprise. Also, I wouldn't have to worry about them having issues building the frame, because it's so easy, that if they didn't want to do it, I could do it right there for them. Another thing that I really, really liked, and I have mentioned this before, was the free shipping. I don't really mind paying for shipping when I'm shopping online, but when it's free, it is almost a guarantee that I will be shopping more often at that site. So if you are like me, and you definitely enjoy free shipping, then you are at the right wall-art store. 

I think that the only thing I wasn't quite happy about, was the fear that the canvas wasn't going to be flat enough or stretched enough, and right. I have been into building things for twenty-two years now. It is a given that whenever you buy something you have to put together, a piece might not fit right or might not be the right size or shape. While I was happy that the corners of the frame were right on, regarding size and cut, it was tricky to keep the edges aligned. I still managed to make it work, and for the most part, I think I did it right. But I am such a perfectionist, that I feel this took me the longest. However, if you are very precise about this sort of thing, then you don't have anything to worry about. 

Overall, the experience was great. I would definitely recommend Photowall to anyone interested in adding new wall-art to their homes. In fact, if you think about it, there are more people working from home now at days. Therefore, this would be the perfect excuse to get inspired with new wall-art to personalize your working space at home. It definitely makes me feel motivated when I'm working, and I get to see something beautiful during my breaks. It just helps me keep on going, and sometimes even helps me when I'm stuck on a thought, because it disconnects me from what I am doing long enough to find the solution to my problem.

Friends, if this review is getting you motivated to do some redecorating at home, or office, I have a cool surprise for you. The guys at Photowall were kind enough to offer a 25% discount, to all of our amazing followers, and the best part is that, this offer is good until April 9, 2020. That's almost a whole month! So take advantage of this discount, share it with your loved ones. Or go back and shop several times. It is up to you, whatever you decide. But please, do take advantage of this offer. The more of you who do, the more likely Photowall will want to spoil our followers again. 

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Don't forget to follow Photowall on social media, for news on their products, and other promotions. Until next time, remember to smile, not only because that's your personal masterpiece, but also because it's contagious. 

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Again, thank you Photowall team, for inviting us in this colorful and fun collaboration, and for the very beautiful designs and prints offered through your site. 


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