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It took a long time to understand the secret to happiness, but we finally cracked it and we want to share this with the entire world. We believe happiness comes when we are grateful for what we have, and learn to let go of what makes us unhappy. Positive attitude creates positive outcomes. We have been successfully practicing this mantra for the past three years.

In our own words

Nos tomó varios años entender el secreto a la felicidad. Sin embargo, finalmente descubrimos el camino y queremos compartir nuestra jornada con el mundo entero. Creemos que la felicidad viene cuando estamos agradecidos con o que tenemos, y aprendemos a dejar ir las cosas que nos hacen infelices. La actitud positiva crea resultados favorables. Hemos estado practicando este mantra exitosamente por los últimos 3 años.

Meet our team - Conoce a nuestro equipo

Michelle (USA) | The Silly Artist, Founder of “Just Happiling™”
“I believe an individual can in fact change the world as long as he/she truly believes he/she can.¨

Dreamer and creative visionary that believes in mermaids and fairies, for real. Sometimes a bit goofy, and sometimes very geeky. Has a very clever inner child who loves everything Disney, Harry Potter, Fairytales, all nerdy/geeky or interesting collectibles, dolls, and educational products. Avid amateur photograher, passionate illustrator, story-teller, creative problem solver, and very rusty musician. She was born and raised in Mexico by a family of diverse artists, who encourage her craft. Loves learning new things, and is fascinated by DIY projects. Movies and TV series are her passion, and therefore surfs Amazon Prime and Netflix vigorously. She gets easily distracted by the colorful, the shiny, and collects: coins, stamps, dolls, spoons, antiques, fruit trees, comic books, mermaid and fairy figurines, crystals and rocks, and movies. Art speaks my same language. Terrified of Sharks, but brave enough to see Shark Week. Very proud of her Hispanic and Artistic heritage, she is also a tree hugger, and animal lover. Her goal this year is to become a mommy. Loves writing reviews, and hosting giveaways. Currently living in San Diego, California.

Michelle and James have been happily married for almost 7 years.

James (USA) | The Enthusiast Gardener - Cook
From the garden to the kitchen, James is very passionate about the culinary arts, and puts a lot of love into his kitchen. His kitchen-ware is his weapon of choice whenever he attempts to create a new dish. He has as much appreciation for cooking, as he does for sustainable gardening. All  his hard work reflects in our beautiful organically grown edible garden; his favorite hang-outs are the local plant nurseries. He also enjoys visiting the big box stores envisioning what he can create with power tools. James is a very loving husband, and also has a very silly inner child. Everything Sci-fi, Space-reated, superhero-related, and geek--yes please! Always ready to go to the movies if it´s an action, star-wars, or superhero movie. His dream and goal in life is to own an organic farm with lots of chickens, and goats. Currently living in San Diego, California.

Oliver | for Just Happiling

Oliver (MEX) | The Traveler - El Viajero
EN - Natural born explorer who loves to travel and adventure himself during trips. Has a passion for Classic cars ever since he was a kid. He enjoys learning about the history of diverse places and different things. Cooking is very special for him, and he enjoys gatherings with friends and family to share good food. He has a very strong interest in trying different types of cuisine, and appreciating nature while he is outdoors. He does mountain sports, biking, motorcycle riding and shares his home with furry pals (his dogs). Currently resides in Monterrey, Mexico, and will be more than happy to collaborate with your business for reviews or shout-outs of events, products, services, and/or brand.
ES - A Oliver le gusta explorar y aventurarse cada que viaja. Tiene una gran pasión por los coches clásicos desde que era un niño. Disfruta de aprender diferentes cosas, sobretodo la historia tras un objeto o lugar. Le encanta cocinar y convivir con la familia y amigos durante eventos o una buena carnita asada. Tiene un gran interés por las artes culinarias de diferentes partes del mundo al igual que una gran apreciación por la naturaleza, y los deportes extremos. Practica ciclismo y anda en motocicleta. Comparte su hogar con unos amigos bien peludos, já--sus amados perro, que son familia para todos.



The mission of “Just Happiling™” is to promote the value of happiness by sharing with other individuals the general concept of what makes us happy, all of this, without hurting anyone in the process. It is time to change the negativity we bump into in our every day lives, and turn that into a more productive and positive outcome. It's about banishing trolls, haters, and bullies, that crawl into our lives, and transform angry emotions into a more positive venue, with the ultimate goal of promoting happiness for everyone that decides to open their heart to it. I don't know about you, but we are eager to enjoy the rest of our life being happy, and we want to invite all of you to live just happiling™ every day everywhere.

As a Hispanic family oriented blog, our mission is to give our honest opinion about the products we review in collaboration with great brands, and to host fun and exciting giveaways for our followers, with the purpose of allowing them to get to know new products that could potentially be of their interest. We have an open invitation to everyone who wants to join our journey towards happiness.

Our Vision


We grow up thinking that it is okay for life to be hard, and that being angry, sad, or stressed is normal. At “Just Happiling™”, we do not believe these are values that should be adopted as something to consider as part of your every day for the rest of your life. We cherish the wonders of happiness, because the bursting of emotions that birth from those feelings, brings the ultimate sensations of treasuring life memories, and the creation of what makes us valuable as human beings.
It is very easy to make other people happy. But we have to start by bringing happiness into our own lives. If you are happy, you smile. Smiling is contagious. Therefore, if you smile, you are making other individuals smile too. Ultimately making other individuals happy, and an endless chain reaction that can change the day and life of the community around you. It's that simple, and in many cases bringing happiness is free. We intend to build an intense community formed by individuals, companies, and entities willing to join our movement to create a better quality of life for everyone and everything sharing our planet. If you are an individual who already shares the things that makes you happy, we are so proud of you! You are a very valuable pillar towards our cause.
It has always been said that an individual can't change the world. We believe the world can be changed, but it all starts with you! Join us, and become a part of the Just Happiling™ community. Let's change our lifestyle, one smile at the time. Start happiling today. Share something that makes you smile, adding hashtag #justhappiling, because happiling the world is happening!

Smile Always,

Michelle V.
Founder of “Just Happiling™”, and a proud happiling individual.

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