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This is where we share why we work so hard to do what we do. The answer is simple; we want you to help us, help you. For a few years now, out goal has been to learn as much as we can about sustainability and about organic farming so that we are prepared to reach out towards our dream. Our dream is to own an organic farm, so we can provide good quality organic food, and offer our friends, families, and hopefully future clients, the chance to eat healthier. Along our journey, we intend to be able to inspire people to change their lifestyle like us, in hopes of a brighter and better future.

You can help us get closer to your dream by contribution. Though donations are very much appreciated, you can get pretty cool products with our designs, and part of those sales will go to us, and towards our future organic farm. Check out some of these colorful and fun items at our Society6 page (LINK HERE).

You can also purchase Elliotte's Great Big Heart through Amazon, either print or ebook format. We get a small commission from those sales as well. This is a story about one of our beloved adopted cats, and how he received a second chance to love a family and be loved by us.

Don't feel like buying any of these products, but would still love to contribute? Just bookmark this page, and whenever you need to buy something from (which we all love), just click on the link below, and then do your normal shopping. We will get a small commission at no extra cost to you, and you will end up with the satisfaction of knowing you are helping our family build a healthy family business.

If you don't want to contribute through the purchase of any products, but you want to hope along the ride allowing us to share our happiness with you and your family? Then all you have to do is follow us here or at our social media venues, to keep up-to-date with the latest offers, promos, giveaways, reviews, and more!

Thank you, for being kind and keeping us in your thoughts. 

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