Hola! We are so happy that you are here, and we value the time you take whenever you read our blog posts and opinions through our reviews, promotional blog post, shout-outs, and more. We want to extend an invitation to family friendly companies looking to have an honest review from a Hispanic/Latino point of view. Word-of-mouth is a very important and useful marketing tool now at days, and we love sharing our thoughts on services and new products for babies, kids, parents, and pretty much everyone in the household, even our extended furry family.

We are International too, and our team covers the northern east region of Mexico through the city of Monterrey, NL, and the west coast of the United States in the North San Diego area.

Queremos brindarles una grata invitación a todas las compañías buscando una reseña de producto desde la perspectiva de nuestra familia, ya sea por nuestro equipo en la ciudad de Monterrey, NL, México o la situada en San Diego, California. Tenemos un equipo de diseñadores aventureros en la bella ciudad de las montañas, Monterrey, listos para probar sus servicios o productos y compartir su opinión acerca de estos. Ya sea escribir una reseña de película, visitar el servicio en un restaurante, usar algún servicio, o portar y utilizar algún producto. Conctactenos para más información.

We support small businesses too! Some of us spend too much time on Etsy, lol. ¿Apenas comenzando un negocio? Nos encanta apoyar a los pequeños negocios también. Muchas veces se convierten en grandes empresas y nos da orgullo ver como evolucionan en una hermosa mariposa empresarial.

We are trying to merge all of our previous work from our sister blogs, so that we can ultimately just express ourselves through "Just Happiling" since this project was our ultimate goal, and will be our blogging and social media home starting May 2016 for both our Mexican team, as well as our Team in the United States.

We welcome you to read the reviews we have written in the past, hoping it helps you make a better informed decision if you are looking to purchase any of the reviewed products. 

Just Happiling Reviews, Previews, Promotional Posts, and Shout-outs

Reviews on 2020

  1. Photowall, service and product (Review)
  2. Your product could be next!

Reviews on 2018
  1. 'i See Me!' Children's books gift set "My Little Lovebug and Love Notes" (Review)
  2. Marvel's Black Panther movie (Review)
Blog Post 2017
  1. Mission Escondido Shopping Center (Feature)
  2. North County Loans & Jewelry review (Feature)
  3. El Tejate Restaurant (Review/Feature)
  4. Ali Baba Authentic Mediterranean Cuisine restaurant (Review)
  5. Rocco's Pizza & Deli in Escondido, CA (Review)
  6. Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales movie (Review)
  7. Oriental Food Market in Escondido, CA (Review)
  8. We are our family's heritage | Disney's Moana on Blu-ray/DVD (Feature)
  9. Ghost in the Shell movie (Review)
  10. PADTHAI Restaurant in Escondido, CA  (Review)
  11. Be Our Guest - Disney's Beauty and the Beast movie (Feature)
  12. Make extra money with "On-demand printing companies" (Feature)
  13. My thoughts on "Faith" | The Shack movie (Feature)
  14. "i See Me!" books | A world of personalized wonder (Feature)
  15. Why having pets literally rocks! | Rock Dog movie (Feature)
  16. Valentine's Day Gift Guide (Feature/Shout-outs)
Blog Posts on 2016
  1. Tiny Tags - Review
  2. Disney's The BFG movie English and Spanish (Advanced Screening ~ Allied Hispanic) 
  3. Minuteman Press services in Escondido, CA
  4. Disney's Moana (Advanced Screening ~ Allied Hispanic)

 Past Reviews from our Sister Merging blogs

Previews and Shout-outs from our sister sites

  1. Elli & Nooli(TM)'s Recordable Pal(TM)
  2. Hyland's Homeopathic remedies (For Adults) 
  3. La Petite Creme, a natural alternative to baby wipes
Reviews on 2016
  1. The Wifi Boss - Review (English and Spanish/En Inglés y Español)
  2. - Review (English and Spanish/En Inglés y Español) 
  3. First Articulated Silkstone Barbie doll - Review (English and Spanish/En Inglés y Español)
  4. Wrapy the baby wrap (English and Spanish/En Inglés y Español)
Reviews on 2015
  1. Hyland's 4kids Bumps 'n Bruises #Hylandsbooboostick
  2. Hope Diamond Barbie(R) Doll review
  3. Gotta Toy Services Review
  4. Boogie Brew Pro - Compost Tea Review
  5. Marvel's Ant-man movie Review
  6. Haunted Beauty(TM) Ghost Barbie (R) - Throwback review
  7. Haunted Beauty(TM) Vampire Barbie (R) - Throwback review
Reviews on 2014
  1.  Baby K'Tan - The New Active baby carrier review
  2. Aden + Anais - Swaddling blanket 
  3. Bumkins AIO cloth diaper
  4. Meadow Goods - Cloth Wipes - Etsy shop
  5. Disney Jr. - Sofia the First - Holiday in Enchancia DVD review
  6. Disney Jr. - Doc McStuffins - School of Medicine DVD review
  7. Disney Jr. - Sofia the First - The Enchanted Feast DVD review
  8. Fitbit zip review 
  9. fine prints review (English/Español) 
Reviews on 2013
  1. Cuisinart Convection Breadmaker Oven (English/Español)
Reviews on 2012
  1. Monster High - Skull Shores - Ghoulia Yelps doll (English/Español)
  2. Monster High - Skull Shores - Abbey Bominable doll (English/Español)
  3. Harry Potter™ and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Blue-ray Combo Pack (English/Español)
  4. Snow White and the Huntsman movie Blue-ray Combo Pack (English/Español) 
  5. Marvel's Avengers movie Blue-ray Combo Pack (English/Español) 

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